What is this?

BookJournal.com is a free tool for readers. It provides a place to track what you've read, when you read it, how you read it, and what you thought about it at the time. You can see what other people are reading and even review their journal entries. BookJournal.com is a fun and practical way to revisit your books, refresh your memory, and find your next read.

Analyze Your Reading


Visualize Patterns

Track your progress toward a reading goal and see the big picture with breakdowns by genre.


Chart Over Time

Stay motivated by tracking your progress over time by book and page counts, annually and cumulatively.


Share with Friends

See what your friends are up to, who is reading what right now, and what new books were added.

Catalogue Your Books


Your Personal Bookshelf

A convenient, sortable, searchable listing of all your books with the information you want to see.


Automatic Book Setup

All the basic information is automatically created including title, author, and cover image.


Easily Add Books

A powerful search engine can locate a published book by title, author or ISBN.

Journal Your Insights


Details Included Automatically

Cover, title, author, rating, and more details are automatically added to your journal entry.


Flexible Plot Summary/Thesis

Use the default publisher's summary, add to it, or write your own. You're in complete control.


Add Your Own Specifics

Note your favorite characters, quotes, and scenes. Record your biggest takeaways and create a timeline.

Spread the word!

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